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Life as we Know it!!!


Hi all,

I know that i have been poor at updating my website, but with building the home, the new garage and art studio, selling off the last company and getting started with Q-ster Creations full time it has really been a struggle with lack of sleep and time for the essentials :-)

The last months have been soooo enriching... I have a super-secret car build underway for myself and with claywork, glassfibre and resin time as well as the increased airbrush demand, I really am learning new ways to cope!


We are finally settled and cosy in our new home and really enjoying the fantastic weather weve had here in Sweden this summer! Managed to break away to Italy and France too as its always great to get a change of scenery(That way we dont get caught up in the everyday ruitines and chores...


I promise to improve my updating skills and have a few good newsletters about developments in the near future :-)

All support is welcome...hope you all check in again soon!




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2010-08-19 09:48:15 - Trudi , Carr, info@bikeline.co.za

Belle gave me your site details. Love your work. Amazing. From, Trudi - Bikergirl(star)(star)(star)(star)

2012-03-26 11:25:29 - Antonio , antonio_salem@hotmail.com

Bra skrivit Q men nu får du ta och uppdatera dig :P:P

2012-04-19 15:20:26 - Mom, belle@8tamail.com

I now pop in here regularly to see pics of you and your work! Waiting for the latest wins to be added please. I must be the 'prouderest' mom in the whole wide world! can't wait to see more.

2012-07-31 19:19:59 - Milton, milton.schorr@gmail.com

Hi Quinton! Awesome pictures! Very proud, you're doing fantastically! Not surprised, though. Long way from fishing in Stompneus Bay...

2013-02-04 16:11:20 - Mother Goose, belle@8tamail.com, comingsoon

Going into competition with you, but without an airbrush, lol. Your latest stuff is outstanding....you just get more betterer all the time....more professionaller!! Luvya(star)
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