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Hi all,


I am soooooo poor at looking over my website and updating you all, but here's a summary of the passed months and also the few ahead.

The Last 6 months have been hectic in so many ways! We have sold our home, moved to another place while we build our new home. Finally got married to my beautiful Cecilia after 9 years of patient waiting! I was without a real place to work(airbrush) for a while, but now I'm up and running again at the new place!


I have somehow managed to do quite a bit of airbrushing this summer despite all this... have 2 projekts that I'm working on at the moment but cannot discuss :-)

One of which is for a friend on the south-east coast of Sweden. I have spent a few days in a fantastic spraybooth there and layed down some of the baseline artwork for him. I now have recieved all the specially built bikeparts and am working on them when and where I have time. Really excited about this one... great group of guys, great theme with lots of inspiration and a winning recepé for next year's bike-build competitions up here in the nordic regions!

Unfortunately you will all have to wait untill easter weekend to get to see it unveiled at Bilsport Custom Motorshow in Jönköping next year... or you can just see it in every serious bike magazine thats published thereafter!!!

I am so amped to get to building the new home next year. Almost just as amped to get the new garage built(with my own two hands!) and my space filled with colour.

There will be a LOFT above the lower level where I will set up my spraybooth and office etc. I really cant wait to have space to build my bikes and store my tools and entertain friends all under one roof and still with room to spare!!!

Other great news is that Ernest Iwata contacted me a while back and asked if I would be intrested in competing in there Airbrush competition in Denmark. I was obviously chuffed with the invite and headed down to Copenhagen for a weekend of Cars, bikes and paint!!! There were roughly 85 000 visitors(stand corrected) to the motorshow and lots of great vehicles!

I did not make the podium unfortunately, but met some inspirational people and made a few new friends in the game. Ernest Iwata have some fantastic equipment so check them out if you wanna get started airbrushing yourselves( I only use their products!)

I did however take 2nd place in the show/competition with one of my bikes(Valentino rossi edition cbr1000rr)

so I returned home with some dignity and another trophy for the Bling-cabinet!

Hope you all check in again soon!




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2010-08-19 09:48:15 - Trudi , Carr, info@bikeline.co.za

Belle gave me your site details. Love your work. Amazing. From, Trudi - Bikergirl(star)(star)(star)(star)

2012-03-26 11:25:29 - Antonio , antonio_salem@hotmail.com

Bra skrivit Q men nu får du ta och uppdatera dig :P:P

2012-04-19 15:20:26 - Mom, belle@8tamail.com

I now pop in here regularly to see pics of you and your work! Waiting for the latest wins to be added please. I must be the 'prouderest' mom in the whole wide world! can't wait to see more.

2012-07-31 19:19:59 - Milton, milton.schorr@gmail.com

Hi Quinton! Awesome pictures! Very proud, you're doing fantastically! Not surprised, though. Long way from fishing in Stompneus Bay...

2013-02-04 16:11:20 - Mother Goose, belle@8tamail.com, comingsoon

Going into competition with you, but without an airbrush, lol. Your latest stuff is outstanding....you just get more betterer all the time....more professionaller!! Luvya(star)
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